At the top, there ought to be the grumbling reason title, for example, “Hon’ble Delhi District Consumer Redressal Forum”. 

The following segment ought to contain the name of the complainant and the name of the contrary party against whom such grievance is documented. For example, 

Complainant: Mr. Dhruv Bhargava 

Respondent: M/s ABC Pvt. Ltd. 

Next, comes the heading of the objection which ought to be as “Grievance under Sec. 12(a) of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986”. It should contain the arrangement of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 under which the complainant is moving toward the gathering. 


Next, comes the subtleties of the complainant, for example, a private location, contact subtleties, and so forth What’s more, alongside this, comparable subtleties of the contrary party, including their office address, name, depiction, contact subtleties. 


The following segment ought to have inside and out insights concerning the question you have with the merchant. It ought to momentarily specify when and where the debate emerged. 

The grumbling should contain reasons regarding why the demonstrations of the merchant aren’t right and how is it liable for the misfortune or mischief endured by the complainant. There should be a sensible nexus between the activities of the blamed party and mischief endured by the complainant. 


Next, comes the remuneration or alleviation guaranteed by the complainant. By and large, this alleviation is as financial payments, which can incorporate harms, discounts, interests, and suit costs. 


Second objection: It has been held as of late that a subsequent grumbling can be documented with the purchaser gathering, however the essential is that right off the bat, it ought to be recorded inside the time of impediment, and besides, it tends to be documented just if the Rules don’t deny it. High Court, has decided that a second grumbling to a Consumer District Forum is viable if applicable Consumer Protection Rules don’t explicitly deny it. This perspective on SC has overruled what was held by the National Commission. Preceding this National Commission was of the view that a second objection to the District Forum under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 would not be viable when the main grumbling was excused for default or non-arraignment. 


Apex Court in the new judgment alluded to the instance of New India Assurance Co. Ltd. versus R. Srinivasan wherein it was held that: 

“On the off chance that there is no arrangement in the Consumer Protection rules, corresponding to the arrangement contained all together 9 Rule 9(1) CPC which contains a restriction that if a suit is excused in default of the offended party under Order 9 Rule 8, a second suit on a similar reason for activity would not lie. That being in this way, the standard of the disallowance contained all together 9 Rule 9(1) CPC can’t be stretched out to the procedures before the District Forum or the State Commission”.