Our Vision

  • To re-establish the equilibrium in the purchaser vender relations in the commercial centre. 
  • To ensure and advance the purchaser’s advantage. 
  • To shield buyer rights. 
  • To forestall customer misuse by deceitful merchants. 
  • To speak to customer interest before the Government and constrain the Government to give important buyer insurance through legitimate enactment. 
  • To arrange buyer opposition against unjustifiable exchange rehearses and make a solid popular feeling for reasonable exchange rehearses. 
  • To work together with Government and business habitats for buyer assurance. 
  • To attempt projects of customer schooling. 
  • To guarantee customer situated acts of an advertising program by business endeavours. 
  • To change the influenced customer through Government and non-Government associations. 

Customer Movement in this manner speaks to a coordinated, aggregate, and joined exertion to make a purchasers’ market for all mass utilization of products and enterprises.